Awesome course; great instruction  

Really enjoyed the course, learned lots and had fun doing it. Lots of good tips presented in a memorable format. No attitude or in your face bs, but lots of emphasis on positives. And blew me away with a rocking lunch! Two thumbs up!
If you want to learn how to really run your AR (or other common carbine) take this course! You won't regret

Carbine Operators Course - A Great Day  

I have taken a number of tactical courses with other providers, and this is one you should definitely look at taking.
Andrew is a great instructor, has a sense of humour (sort of), is safety minded, and very knowledgeable.
You will find yourself shooting from positions that you never thought possible, with a marked improvement in all the participants skill levels by the end of the day.
This is great value for a course of this caliber, something I would recommend to anyone.

AR-15 Basics  

Great people running a great course. So glad I signed up for this (AR basics) and I learned a lot, even though I walked in with some experience. Definitely worthwhile to take a course with these guys if you want to get serious with your knowledge and experience.
I am anxiously awaiting the CQB Operator course in a few weeks and I'll post an update after that. Should be a lot of fun.

Dont hesitate  

One of the more informative yet informal courses I've completed to date. Highly recommended and definately not Hillary Clinton approved!

AR Clinic  

Just finished the AR Clinic today , Good info in and outs of an AR 15, stoppage, positioning, changing magazines and many more very important topics.
Thank you ! Andrew and the rest of the Instructors at Ragnarok.

Carbine Operator Clinic  

Excellent way to spend a Saturday. Great focus on refining the fundamentals and applying them to new skill sets to really rock your AR. Casual, yet professional environment puts you at ease quickly so you can focus on developing your skills. Highly recommended if you shoot competitively and want to up your game or just want to take your shooting to the next level. Thanks Andrew...I will be back.

Cant wait to take the other courses  

Literally had a blast taking this course, learned a lot of new things and in 2 years of shooting on my I own and making little to moderate progress I found that I improved my skills 10 folds in this 8 hour course. The Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and the participants were equally cool peeps from all walks of life. There is no need for novice shooters to have reservations about signing up for this training course. There is no question in my mind, the cost to value of this course is unmatched. I highly recommend taking the AR Operator course and I am looking forward to taking other courses with Ragnarok Tactical in the near future.

Your AR is not complete without training.  

I have owned an AR for over an year and put several hundred rounds through it and considered myself competent. Having now taken the AR Basics course my handling skills and understanding of the firearm have greatly improved. I would recommend you take this course at your earliest opportunity, cut down your learning curve and maximize your training.

AR-15 Basics  

Just finished the Ar15 Basic course, fantastic! Andrew is a great instructor and I look forward to taking more courses. One of the best times I've had out at a range in spite of the weather.

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